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Ingredient Commitment


We believe that dogs should reconnect with their ancestral roots, stemming from the wild wolves that hunted our earth thousands of years before dogs became Man’s Best Friend. Our food is formulated to reflect a wolf’s diet. Our raw foods are filled with ingredients nearly identical to what a wolf would encounter in the wild. 

Our ingredients are meticulously sourced every week from the finest local meat and produce suppliers. All ingredients are sourced, prepared and delivered by George, ensuring that the quality remains consistent and no details are left overlooked. If your dog requires a special diet, we can offer customized formulas for various health and life-stage needs. 

Why Raw Food?


Dog’s digestive systems naturally process raw meat much like their wolf ancestors. This means dogs absorb nutrients from raw foods better than nutrients from kibble & cooked foods. Growing scientific evidence suggests that a balanced raw food diet is the healthiest and most organic way to feed our beloved dogs. Much of this evidence points to the health benefits of raw pet food compared to the potential dangers found in commercial pet food manufacturing. 

Benefits of raw dog food include longer life span, a healthier and stronger dog, and fewer trips to the vet.

Teaching Tricks
Meet George

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